7-12 Proficiency 18 November

Content Area Standards, Indicators, and Rubric Review

Members of each department have spent the spring and summer identifying content area standards, drafting indicators, and drafting rubrics for these content area graduation standards.

Each department and each department member should review these closely to ensure that they describe measurable outcomes, are important enough to identify as graduation standards, are measurable in multiple contexts and courses, are written at the required rigor as described in the MLRs, are expressed in student friendly language, and all department members share an understanding of what is expected of students.

The protocol below is provided to help undertake a close review of the initial drafts of standards, indicators, and rubrics.  It is intended to provide a scaffold for the work in front of departments.  It is not the only method to facilitate a close review and the development of a shared understanding and departments may undertake their review as they see fit, provided the requirements listed above are met.  Once completed please share with Mark Tess, Dan Welch, and Shawn Carlson digitally.

We will be providing several Wednesdays to complete this review.  Once completed, feedback will be provided where needed and these standards, indicators, and rubrics will be piloted with students in the spring semester.


Materials Needed

Common Core Documents

Maine Learning Results Documents


Draft Standards, Indicators, and Rubrics by Department


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