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7-12 Proficiency 18 November

Content Area Standards, Indicators, and Rubric Review Members of each department have spent the spring and summer identifying content area standards, drafting indicators, and drafting rubrics for these content area graduation standards. Each department and each department member should review these closely to ensure that they describe measurable outcomes, are important enough to identify as […]

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Agenda Proficiency Team Nov 4 2015

Agenda 12:30-1:00  Review and catch up.  Discuss meetings going forward 1:00-2:30  Review Protocol for Department work. 2:30-3:00  Next steps.  Issues to address. Language in rubric (deficiency vs. proficiency) Benchmarked rubrics Draft Content Area Standards Science NotesSci.Dept.Proficiency1-7 Mathematics MathGraduationStandardsandIndicators MathematicsPracticesRubric AlgebraRubric ProbabilityandStatisticsRubricforIndicators RubricforFunctionIndicators NumbersandQuantityRubric GeometryRubricforIndicators ELA ELA Reading Comprehension ELA Speaking: Performance ELA Speaking: Presentation ELA […]

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Proficiency Materials for Summer

Summer Proficiency Work Hi all.  Thank you for your willingness to continue the development of our Proficiency System.  I will use this post to collect resources and your work.  I will organize it by content area.  The beginning will be general resources that may apply to all departments.  I will pin it to the first […]

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Draft Rubrics for Cross-Curricular Standards

Please find PDF copies of the draft Cross-curricular Rubrics and Standards below. Standards/Performace Indicators/Rubrics Clear and Effective Communicator Standard and Indicators Clear and Effective Standard:Indicators Rubric Clear and Effective communicator rubric draft 2 Video Conventions Video Conventions Writing Conventions Writing Conventions Presentation Conventions Presentation Conventions Blogging Conventions Blogging Conventions Rubric Speaking Conventions Speaking Conventions Creative and Practical Problem Solver Standard and Indicators Creative […]

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