Grade 6-12 Science & Technology PD

Grade 6-12 Science & Technology Teacher Leadership Development

MDOE Professional Development Opportunity

Midcoast and Capitol Regions

TO APPLY:  Submit the attached application by December 22 Science Teacher Leaders Application[1]

Please feel free to share with up-and-coming leaders as well as existing science leaders!

The intent of this half-year offering is TO BUILD A COMMUNITY of science teacher leaders that has A SOLID UNDERSTANDING OF 3-DIMENSIONAL INSTRUCTION as discussed in A FRAMEWORK for K-12 SCIENCE EDUCATION (NGSS) and to support them as they SHARE their learning within their district and/or region.


  • Strengthen their working knowledge and repertoire of formative assessment strategies for developing and implementing lessons, units, and formative assessments consistent with the Framework.
  • Develop leadership skills as cohort members to share their learning with teachers in their own districts and/or region.
  • Learn to give and receive feedback with colleagues.
  • Share their learning with other teachers in their district and/or in the region.
  • There may be an opportunity to join a summer pK-5 workshop for their elementary colleagues.


  • District team of 2 members (1 middle level, 1 high school)
  • Purpose:  To facilitate communication between levels so that gaps can be identified and teachers can support one another in content and practice.
  • Ultimate purpose:  Ready to develop a pK-12 district science committee to focus on instructional shifts, alignment to standards and district progressions.  It is through a deeper level of understanding the instructional strategies linked to more rigorous curricula that we will begin to move the needle on intentional instruction coupled with increased student engagement in the their own learning.


  • 3 Face-to-Face Meetings (Jan 8 or 11, March 9 or 14, June 30 or July 1)  (Two school days, one non-school day.)
  • 3 Online Meetings/Webinars (90 minute meetings in early February, mid-April, mid-May—evenings)
  • 3 Conference Calls (February 3, April 6, TBD) (30 minute calls)



  • RESOURCES valued at >$150 per teacher
  • STIPEND of up to $250/year to facilitate dine and discuss session and/or model lesson
  • PD with national experts in K-12 Science Education
  • NETWORKING OPPORTUNITY with colleagues intra & inter-district
  • MEALS and TRAVEL REIMBURSEMENT at $ .44/mile


  • Commit to participate in all meetings
  • Work on limited interim assignments
  • Develop model lessons for classroom use
  • Collaborate with colleagues in home district or facilitate at regional dine and discuss session


  • Signed statement of commitment for team
  • Agreement to cover substitute costs 2x per teacher
  • Enrollment fee of $100/individual


Shari Templeton

Science & Technology Specialist

Maine Department of Education

(207) 624-6880


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