Anneberg-Newseum Summer Institute

Paid! Washington DC! Short Timeline!

New Opportunity for Maine Teachers – May 8 Deadline:

The Gannett House Project announces a travel grant opportunity for teachers interested in participating in the 2016 Annenberg–Newseum Summer Teacher Institute in Washington, D.C.

The Institute, Primarily Digital, is a valuable professional development opportunity for teachers who want to help students explore the power of free speech in print and across the digital landscape. More detail about the program is available on the Newseum website:

Applications to the Institute itself must be submitted directly to the Newseum by May 8 using the application instructions on the Newseum website. Applicants will be notified by May 27.

Once accepted into the program, the Gannett House Project welcomes teachers to apply for a travel grant. The Gannett House Project will offer a $2,000 stipend to each of two teachers from Maine to attend the program. Applications for the Gannett House Project stipend should be submitted by June 10 to Rebecca Lazure, Executive Director of the Gannett House Project, at<> and should include: name and position, address, phone number, email, school information and address, grade level taught, subject(s) taught.

The successful applicant will share the tools and skills they have developed in Washington, D.C. with other area middle and high school teachers at a workshop in Maine in the fall of 2016.

About the Gannett House Project:

Located at 184 State Street in Augusta, Maine just steps from the Maine Capitol, the Gannett House Project examines the history and promotes the practice and understanding of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. American democracy is predicated on the participation of an active and informed citizenry. The Gannett House Project works to engage the citizens of Maine and beyond as stewards of the First Amendment as the guardian of our democracy and to inspire future generations to practice and protect this vital tenant of our<>


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