Assessment Literacy with NGSS

Please join our Midcoast community of K-12  educators!

A  6-module, “Train-the-Trainer” series in which participants gather to learn and deepen their own classroom strategies and then facilitate these sessions in bite-size (hour-long) chunks at study groups back in their own school or district.
Stipends and meals provided!
How do we collect quality information about, and evidence of, student learning and growth?
How do we use this information effectively?
Modules have been developed and supported by Dr. Anita Stewart-McCafferty,  Dr. Jeff Beaudry and the UMaine RISE Center professional development team.   They extend into classrooms some of the work of Midcoast districts with Anita Stewart-McCafferty at Point Lookout with examples based on NGSS  (Next Generation Science Standards) and other STEM-related standards.
Participants will…
  • Become familiar with high-impact classroom practices of assessment FOR learning.
  • Translate NGSS Performance Expectations (or other content standards) into clear student learning targets.
  • Further clarify those learning targets through the use of visual representations.
  • Develop learning progressions and provide students with tools to self-assess their own progress.
  • Deepen descriptive feedback to students.
  • Develop next-steps rubrics and support students in self-assessment and goal setting based on the clear learning targets
Rockland:  Midcoast School of Technology
(Other RISE Center learning hubs this year include Houlton, Orono, Ellsworth and Portland)
Oct 6;  Oct 27;   Nov 16;  Jan 12;   Feb 2;  Mar 2
(Mostly Thursdays from 4:15 – 6:45)
  • Information and experience to help deepen their support for student learning in a proficiency-based system
  • Module materials to share in 1-hour study group sessions back home
  • Empowering experiences that help meet teaching standards ( “Professional Responsibility” – Leadership and Collaboration)
  • Meal at each session.
  • STIPEND:  $50 for attending each session plus $50 for planning and presenting each module back at school
  • Opportunity to be part of a wonderful community of educators who gather to learn and share together!
$360/participant  ~ PLUS ~ a District RISE Center Membership Fee of $150 for the first 1-3 district participants plus additional $50/person up to a cap of $400.

Go to ~  Click on the “Assessment for Learning” button (bottom right).

Christine Anderson-Morehouse

Erika Allison

RISE Center Project Director


Send one teacher from your school and get your whole faculty trained! Our professional development prepares teacher leaders to bring the information back to school-based learning communities in bite-sized chunks over the course of the year. We recommend selecting and sending teams consisting of K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12 teacher leaders. Please also create time for your entire faculty to join the study groups led by your teacher leaders! Administrators are strongly encouraged to participate in concurrent PD on this topic offered through your local regional educational partnership.

Christine Anderson-Morehouse
Midcoast Regional Professional Development Center

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