Georgetown Mathematics Resources

Introduction to Common Core

Mathematical Focus by Grade Level k-8

A collection of PDF’s detailing the mathematical content emphasized in the Standards by grade level. These can be used as guides to inform instructional decisions regarding time and other resources.

They can also be used in reviewing mathematics units in ATLAS over the course of  a year and over grade spans.  As we build out more units in our mathematics curriculum, we can begin to look for gaps and redundancies in our mathematics curriculum.  The standards are keyed by cluster in the following manner;

  1. Major Cluster- It is recommended that from 65-85% of class time be spent on the standards in these clusters.
  2. Supporting Clusters– It is recommended that from 15%-30% of class time be spent on the standards in these clusters.
  3. Additional Clusters– These should be addressed as time allows.

Find much more by visiting Achieve the Core.

Everyday Math Alignment

Unpacked Standards and Learning Targets (“I statements”)

This set of learning targets for K-8 ELA Common Core standards and for k-12 Mathematics Common Core standards are not perfect but do help to unpack each of these sets of standards into more kid friendly language that could be used in your instruction.

They come from Dr. Bob Darnell.  His website is located here.

Grade ELA Learning Targets Math Learning Targets
Grade K   GrK_ConvertedELAStandards
Grade 1     Gr1ConvertedELAStandards   CommonCoreMathGrade1
Grade 2   Gr2_ConvertedELAStandards   CommonCoreMathGrade2
Grade 3   Gr3_ConvertedELAStandards   CommonCoreMathGrade3
Grade 4   Gr4_ConvertedELAStandards   CommonCoreMathGrade4
Grade 5   Gr5_ConvertedELAStandards   CommonCoreMathGrade5
Grade 6   Gr6_ConvertedELAStandards  CommonCoreMathGrade6
Grade 7   Gr7_ConvertedELAStandards  CommonCoreMathGrade7
Grade 8   Gr8_ConvertedELAStandards  CommonCoreMathGrade8
HS   CommonCoreMath9_12NCUnpackedAlgebraTable
HS   CommonCoreMath9_12NCUnpackedGeometryTable
HS  StatisticsProb_9-12_Ref_Guide
HS   CommonCoreMath9_12NCUnpackedFunctionsTable

Progressions in the CCSS Mathematics

These documents will provide background on each of the major clusters as well as suggestions for instructional approaches

Reporting Tools


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