MEA Science Materials

MEA Science Test Administration

As we finish the MEAs in ELA and Mathematics this week, we are coming up quickly on the MEA in Science.  The testing window for science is April 25-May 6.

Please find below the materials available for preparing for the 2015/16 Science MEA for grades 5, 8 and 11.

Expect to receive materials this week, they are to be shipped today (Monday, April 11)

This is a paper pencil test as in years past.

For more technical assistance during the testing window, contact the Measured Progress Maine Educational Assessment (MEA) Service Center at 1-866-615-2745.

  • 2016 Maine Operational Procedures. This document is intended for use in conjunction with the MEA Accommodations Guide (below), and both the MEA Principal/Test Coordinator Manual and the MEA Test Administrator Manual, to assist schools with enrollment, participation and administration issues.
  • MEA Science Accommodations
    • 2016 Accommodations Table. This document provides educators with the standard test accommodations that are allowable for all students. In order to make sure that all students are given access to test accommodations that they may need during State testing, it is vital for test administrators to become familiar with allowable accommodations and the appropriate ways to administer them.
  • 2016 Principal/Test Coordinator Manual. This document is intended to assist in the coordination of all test-related activities.
  • Special Consideration Form [DOC, 36KB) This document is intended to be used in the rare instances when a student cannot participate in either instruction or assessment. In these cases, a request for State approval of non-participation must be made. The State-approved reasons for allowing non-participation fall within four broad areas outlined within the document.
  • Test Administrator Manuals. These documents help ensure a standardized test environment in all testing sites across the state. The manuals address the responsibilities of the test administrator and provide the required scripts.
  • Test Design (PDF, 14KB) Learn more about the test design in advance of the test administration.
  • Testing Schedule (PDF, 142KB) This is a quick reference to the overall testing requirements for each content area. It includes the required amount of time and the order of administration.

MEA Science Professional Development & Training

The Maine Department of Education is committed to providing professional development programs and resources to support efforts in understanding and implementing the Maine Educational Assessment (MEA). The Maine DOE encourages schools and districts to utilize these materials to support a standardized test administration across the state and to assist in the interpretation of the results. PowerPoints for any of the recordings not embedded within the presentations are available upon request.

Recorded Training

  • 2016 MEA Test Coordinator and Test Administratior Webinar. This recorded test coordination presentation is geared specifically toward principals, test coordinators and test administrators. It includes information on topics such as how to prepare staff to administer the MEA, scheduling the testing session, accommodations, administering the MEA to a classroom or group of students and test security.
  • Understanding & Using MEA Reporting Data. These grade-specific webinars are provided to assist educators in increasing their understanding of the types of reports available, the purposes of those reports and how to read the information contained within each report. Each 60-minute webinar will explain how educators can access Maine science assessment data, learn strategies for using MEA data to inform instruction and program analysis, and learn more about the influence that the Next Generation Science Standards is likely to have on science assessments of the future.

MEA Science Resources & Support Materials

The Maine Department of Education is committed to providing the tools and resources schools need as they administer the Maine Educational Assessment (MEA). These resources are designed to provide support to educators and students as they prepare to take the MEA, as well as report out on the technical quality of the assessment system.

  • Data Warehouse. The Maine DOE’s Data Warehouse puts data about Maine’s schools in one place where it’s easy to find and easy to understand. Results from the MEA are used to populate the following reports within the warehouse: overall summary, participation, performance level and subgroup. This data is sortable, and comparisons can be made across schools, districts and the entire state.
  • Depth of Knowledge (DOK). (PDF). The Maine DOE codes MEA items for DOK, which means an item’s complexity. The definitions for DOK are based on Norm Webb’s work.
  • Helping Your Child Learn Science. (PDF, 1.6MB). This U.S. Department of Education brochure provides parents with suggestions to support science learning.
  • Released Items. The Maine DOE annually releases 50 percent of the items on the MEA. Released items are available from 2009.
  • Science Achievement Level Definitions (PDF, 25KB). The achievement level definitions describe student performance for science at each of the four achievement levels reported by the MEA.
  • Technical Report. This report provides information about all aspects of the MEA for Science in Grades 5, 8 and 3rd year high school including test administration, design and development, scoring, reporting, analysis, reliability and validity. This 2014-15 Technical Report is the latest version. Manuals from previous years are available upon request.
  • Vocabulary Guidance. The MEA assumes that students understand science concepts identified in the standards. In addition, the Department provides a list of academic vocabulary and other key science terms included in assessment items.

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