BRES K-2 iPad Mini Pilot

Our k-2 staff has been piloting iPads in their classrooms over the past two years.  Their innovative and thoughtful approach can be viewed in the video below.

After attending the conference Leveraging Learning: the iPad in Primary Grades this fall as a team, they approached the school and district administration with a proposal to expand their use of iPads in each grade by acquiring iPad minis.  We are excited to be able to support this request with monies from a Rural Education Achievement Program (REAP) grant.   Those schools qualifying for these grants may use them to supplement their funding for teacher improvement, educational technology, and improving academic achievement.  Supporting the outstanding work of Boothbay Region’s Elementary School k-2 staff in this manner addresses all three areas targeted by the REAP grant.

In their proposal the k-2 staff highlighted some of their goals for the project (you can see many of these illustrated in the video above):

  • Supporting differentiation by supporting personalized, student centered learning
  • Improved classroom management
  • Maximizing student learning time
  • Assist with the transfer of knowledge
  • Provide timely feedback
  • Make learning meaningful and relevant
  • Increased flexibility to vary learning activities quickly
  • Developing complex communication with a variety of audiences
  • Publishing for real world audiences
  • Improved communication with home
  • Increased student motivation and engagement

These closely align with many of our 3-year technology plan’s goals and vision as described in the document found here.

Congratulations to this group of educators on their work and passion and the opportunity to expand their vision with the application of funds from our REAP grant.


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2 Responses to BRES K-2 iPad Mini Pilot

  1. Lisa Clarke, Edgecomb Eddy says:

    I really enjoyed seeing and hearing of all the recognized benefits these iPads have provided your students…thanks for sharing.

  2. Karen Cronk says:

    The “BRES K-2 Ipad Mini Pilot” video was great! I really enjoyed seeing its use in K-2. It would be very interesting to track how these students continue to use and to think of the Ipads, K-12. As stated in the video, the Ipads in school are being seen foremost as a learning tool, not a gaming device. What a great impression to instill at an early age! I’ve pinned this video to send to my daughter, a teacher in MA, to share. Keep up the great work K-2 teachers!

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