Call for Participation: Maine’s Professional Evaluation and Professional Growth System

Legislation enacted in 2012 requires each school administrative unit (SAU) to develop, pilot and implement a Professional Evaluation and Professional Growth System (PE/PG system) over a period of three years, with full implementation of the system no later than the 2015/16 school year.  The new law is codified in Title 20-A, Chapter 508.

The law also requires a pilot during the 2014/15 school year.  The law requires that this school year we develop a system to meet the standards of this chapter in collaboration with teachers, school board members, community members, parents, and administrators.

We are asking for volunteers to serve on this committee from each of the schools in the district.  We would like

  • 1 teacher each from Georgetown, Southport, and Edgecomb
  • 2 teachers from BRES
  • 2 teachers from BRHS
  • 1 Special educator from anywhere in the district.

Any teacher who would like to serve should contact their building principal.  If there is more interest than the numbers listed above, we would encourage the teachers at that school to come to consensus about who will serve.  There will be one open chair at all meetings for others who wish to attend.

The numbers chosen are aimed at providing representation from all buildings without having too large a committee.  There will be a board member, 2 administrators, and either the Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent on the committee. Representation from parents or community members will depend on interest.

Representatives from each building will be expected to serve as a conduit for information, concerns, suggestions, and ideas between the committee and the building they represent.  Please consider carefully whether you will be willing to serve for the entire process.

We will begin meeting in January.


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