Announcing the AOS 98 APP

AOS 98 is rolling out a new app to help improve our communication among our schools, with each other, our students and our communities.  We are moving slowly in our first year of implementation, but I expect that we will be able to use this app to communicate with the parents of your students, with your students, for co-curricular issues when there is a change in schedule or practice and with our community. School events, live feeds, news, employee documents, employment opportunities and school board documents will now be available for anyone who is interested in accessing this information.

Downloading the app is easy.  Simply go to the app store and type in AOS 98 in the search bar.  If you are using a tablet, make sure you use the phone app for this.  The app for AOS 98 should appear and you can download it on to your phone.  For those of you who do not have a smart phone or tablet, this information can also be accessed on our new AOS 98 website. The address for this is This website is the only website for our district. Once you are on this site, you can access your schools website from this page.

When you open the app go to settings, where you can choose your default school. Please take a minute to turn on notifications and identify where you would like to receive notifications from. For example, if you teach at BRES, but your children attend the Edgecomb Eddy School, you will probably want notifications from both schools. You may also choose to receive all notifications from each site listed. Make sure you hit save before you exit settings.

For the first year, we will be using this app to share newsletters, announce events and upload board documents. As we become more familiar and comfortable, this app will eventually replace the instant alert to call off or delay school. We will be asking for some folks to pilot phone or text announcements later this fall.

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