Marzano’s Super Seven Elements

Good Afternoon–  There is research showing that seven elements in Domain One have the greatest impact on student achievement.  They are:

Element 6:  Identifying Critical Content

Element 11:  Elaborating on New Information

Element 12:  Recording and Representing Knowledge

Element 17:  Examining Similarities and Differences

Element 18:  Examining Errors in Reasoning

Element 20:  Revising Knowledge

Element 22:  Engaging Students in Cognitively Complex tasks involving Hypothesis generation and testing.

I came across a resource that I hope you may find useful.  It is a bit lengthy, but if you chunk it into digestible bites (element 9) it provides us with some recommendations for classroom practices.

Click to access 0581_01122016_Marzano-Super-7.pdf

Hope you find this helpful!

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