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Poetry PD this Summer

Here is information about one graduate course at USM plus two workshops that are available for you this summer.


3 options available this summer by award-winning Maine poet and author, Paul B. Janeczko <poetspeak@gmail.com>

Please contact Paul directly if you would like more information about these opportunities.


USM- Portland campus

August 10-16, 2017

3 credit graduate class

Information about this course is in the USM summer catalogue, and the instructor would be happy to answer any questions about it.

Sign up through the university.

TWO WORKSHOP OPTIONS that can be offered by districts:   “POEMS CAN RHYME FROM TIME TO TIME”

1-day Poetry Writing Workshop (5 hours)

Like students, teachers become better writers and better teachers of writing, by writing. This workshop not only gives teachers an opportunity to write in a supportive setting, but it provides them with 10-15 poetry writing activities that they can share with their students the very first day of school and make part of their writing program for the whole year. The workshop will offer new ways to include rhyming poetry and free verse in content-area lessons and help students meet higher core literary standards.

Teachers in the workshop will receive a writer’s notebook and a three-ring binder for workshops notes and writing, as well as reproducible activity sheets. Students will earn .5 CEU credit from USM for participating in this five-hour workshop.

2-day  Poetry Writing Workshop (10 hours)

Teachers who participate in this 10-hour workshop will receive 1 CEU from USM. This workshop will include 20-25 poetry activities for a more in-depth exploration of rhyming poetry and free verse.

Paul B. Janeczko is an award-winning Maine author, poet, and anthologist, who has published over 50 books, including Teaching Literary Elements Using Poetry (Scholastic) and Reading Poetry in the Middle Grades Heinemann).

Students in either workshop will have the opportunity to purchase these books at a reduced price.

Please contact Paul directly if you would like more information about these workshops. His email address is poetspeak@gmail.com.

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