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Next Generation Science Assessment

Online assessments using complex graphics and modeling for FREE !

Here you will find a set of tasks produced by the NGSA Collaborative, which consists of researchers and technology developers at the University of Illinois at Chicago, SRI International, Michigan State University, and the Concord Consortium. For more details about our work visit the main project website:

You can preview assessment tasks without an account, but signing up has many benefits. With a teacher account you can create classes, assign specific tasks, and get collated reports of student work. A detailed user manual for the portal can be found here. District, state, and other researchers are welcome to sign up as well

These look well done and allow teachers to assign to a class that they register in the Portal.


The assessment tasks are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International license. This license permits you to copy, distribute, and display such content so long as you attribute the Next Generation Science Assessment Project and do not use commercially.

Next Generation Science Assessment is a collaboration among Michigan State UniversitySRI InternationalUniversity of Illinois at Chicago, and the Concord Consortium. This work is supported by grants from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation (grant #4482) and the National Science Foundation (grants DRL-1316874, DRL-1316903, DRL-1316908). Views expressed are not necessarily those of the funders.


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