Two Great Sites that may work Great together!

NEWSELA and ProCon together!

Peanut butter and chocolate are not the only two items that are better together.  Today NEWSELA and ProCon have announced that they are partnering going forward.

What are NEWSELA and ProCon?

NEWSELA is a web-based content provider that builds articles on current events at 5 different Lexile levels.  I have mentioned this site before but it just keeps getting better.  Newsela builds reading comprehension through leveled articles, real-time assessments and actionable insights.  Best of all the articles and assessments are available for free.  It has also added teacher created text sets of articles for longer term projects on current events, science, and history.  If you have not visited this site, you are missing out on a great content provider.

ProCon is a web-based content provider that presents short descriptions of the pros and cons around a host of real world issues.  The research is cited and non-partisan.  They have briefs on 100’s of issues currently in the news. They have been around for 10 years and have free teacher resources to go with the briefs on each issue.  They are designed to encourage critical thinking and debate.

Now NEWSELA will be taking certain topics and creating 5 different reading levels for the ProCon position briefs. The best of both worlds.  Materials can be combined from both sites to provide students with vetted, high quality, facts and positions on many of today’s most important topics.

These two sites represent the best of what can be found on the internet for digital content in support of teaching.  Check these out!!

BONUS Content Provider (Special Holiday Extra)!!!

The Conversation is also a web-based content provider written by academics and edited by professionals on a range of topics and policies.  This content is first rate and current.  The material is licensed under creative commons attribution for use by students and teachers.

One last plea…

We have quickly reached a new era in our country that is challenging many notions of truth.  It is our responsibility as educators to help students find, understand, and recognize quality reporting and news sources.  These three sites are outstanding places to begin either to start a conversation on the issues or a larger conversation on the nature of news, facts, and the internet.  Please take some time to find ways to incorporate these resources into your teaching.



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