NWEA review High School

Please find below some resources for the Wednesday Early Release work on November 16th.

Quick guide to NWEA reports in the new online suite:

I will hand this out to all today.

Full Reference to MAPS reports

I will reference this today, have a digital copy available.


FAQ and Resources

(some of these links will only work after you have logged in to NWEA)

What is the RIT scale and how is it related to norms?

Common Core and MAP

Learning Continuum

This has replaced DESCARTES since 2014.

Quick Explanation of Class Level Reports

Quick explanation of Student Level Reports

Learning Tools from NWEA

End of Course Math Tests


The following material is found at https://teach.mapnwea.org/assist/help_map

Considering NWEA for Growth data on an SLO?

Overview of MAP Growth Data

By using MAP tests, your schools can gain insight into the growth of all students, both low and high achievers. What makes it possible is the NWEA MAP Norms study, which is representative of schools across the nation. NWEA norms enable you to compare student achievement in a single term (a “status norm”), as well as across terms (a “growth norm”):

Use growth norms to:

  1. project the amount of growth that is typical for similar students
  2. set appropriate growth targets, based on the projection
  3. evaluate the observed growth in a subsequent term

Student-Level Growth


The following calculator is an excel based spreadsheet that can be used to establish and manage growth goals for any instructional period or grade.  The directions are located in the second tab at the bottom of the page.


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