Agenda and Materials SLO Mtg 20 Sept


  • Needs assessment and using baseline data
    • Review RI (Using Baseline Data and Information: Guidance) document
    • Discuss which components to share more widely
  • Goals and targets for Specialists
    • Review Sample Student Learning Objectives for Educators/Student Support Specialists
    • Discuss which components need to be shared more widely.
  • Determine topic for next meeting
  • Determine date for next meeting

Materials for Review

Notes from the Meeting

  • The group agreed to use the document “Using baseline data and information guidance” as the recommendation for preparing the needs assessment portion of the SLO form.
  • We agreed that pre- and post-test SLOs are only appropriate in a few instances where student outcomes are expressible on a learning continuum.  Pre-tests over content or skills that are new for students are not appropriate.
  • A timeline for activities will be shared with all staff and administrators.
  • The group will discuss SLO targets for non-instructional staff at the next meeting.
  • The group will discuss guidance on rigor for targets and instructional periods at the next meeting.
  • The next meeting will be held at 3:00 PM on September 27.

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