DOE ELA/Literacy Assessment Workshops

Working Smarter, Not Harder:  A Closer Look at Formative Assessment

Maine DOE series of 3 workshops to support effective development of formative assessment practices in ELA / Literacy
Facilitated by Maine DOE specialists and teacher leaders from across the state 
Builds from current practices to extend and deepen knowledge about formative assessment. 
 Learn more about how to:
 use formative assessment strategies to benefit teaching and learning
 deepen understanding of ELA/literacy standards
 enhance student ownership of learning to support learning transfer
 connect learning across content areas through meaningful literacy instruction
Session 1
Foundational understanding of formative assessment practices and creating meaningful learning goals and success criteria.
Session 2
The iterative process of gathering evidence and responding to student work to promote independence and deep learning. Model lessons and lesson review protocols developed by the teacher leader cohort will be used during this session.
Session 3 
Peer review of lessons created or revised by participants.
Choose one location: 
  • Orono/Brewer (Session 1 at Black Bear Inn, Sessions 2 & 3 at Jeff’s Catering)
  • Waterville (Governor’s)
  • Portland (Keeley’s Banquet Center)
  • Orono/Brewer (10/20, 1/31, 3/10)
  • Waterville (10/12, 1/26, 3/8)
  • Portland (10/14, 1/27, 3/3)
Payment or purchase order must be received a week prior to the start of Session 1 to confirm registration.
You are encouraged to register with at least one colleague to support collegial learning throughout the year.



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