Agenda and Notes from SLO Meeting (9/7/2016)


  • Feedback from last years process
  • Timeline for this year
  • Establishing more uniform rigor
  • SLØ and ATLAS overlap
  • Exemplars
  • Next meeting


Meeting Notes

  • Reviewed feedback on SLO process from 2015-2016
  • Set three goals for initial work this year
    • Clarify Targets and Cohort questions for Special Educators
    • Work on developing a more robust needs assessment process
    • Provide more guidance on the rigor of SLOs for Admins and Teachers
  • Reviewed the overlap between ATLAS categories and SLO Template
  • Discussed the collection of Exemplars for teachers and administrators to access
  • Discussed updating the SLO template form

Outcomes and Action Steps

  • CC will update SLO Template and share with staff
  • CC will update timeline for PEPG process for 2016-2017 and share with staff
  • CC will work with Georgetown to allow participation at a distance
  • CC will provide meeting summary and notes
  • Scheduled an SLO meeting for all Special Educators for Wednesday 21 Sept. 1:45 PM
  • Members of team will collect exemplars from staff willing to share
  • Agenda for next meeting will focus on Needs Assessment for SLO
  • Next meeting Tuesday 20 Sept.  at 2:45 in HS Library

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