Teaching Statistics Through Data Investigations

Our world is rich with data sources, and technology makes data more accessible than ever before! To help ensure students are future ready to use data for making informed decisions, many countries around the world have increased the emphasis on statistics and data analysis in school curriculum–from elementary/primary grades through college. This course allows you to learn, along with colleagues from other schools, an investigation cycle to teach statistics and to help students explore data to make evidence-based claims.

Course Objectives

  • Strengthen your understanding of how to engage students in a statistical investigation process;
  • Explore a framework for guiding your teaching of statistical investigations to promote deeper data explorations for your students;
  • Use rich data sources and dynamic graphing tools to support investigations of questions that are of interest to you and your students;
  • Examine the ways students reason with data to make evidence-based claims;
  • Personalize applications of statistical investigations to your students;
  • Collaborate with colleagues near and far to gain different perspectives on data investigations and to build a library of teaching resources.



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