ART Professional Development Offerings

Visual and Performing Arts Professional Development Opportunities 2016-2017

 Join a Cohort! All Visual and Performing Arts teachers are invited to participate in a regional professional development series on ASSESMENT IN THE VISUAL AND PERFORMING ARTS CLASSROOM. During this 3-part series, Maine DOE Visual and Performing Arts Specialist, Beth Lambert, and Integration and Assessment expert, Lisa Donovan, will lead teachers through a deep dive into exploring, creating, and implementing formative assessment strategies, documentation, and the feedback loop. During these 3 full-day sessions, participants will develop an understanding of how assessment supports student engagement and understanding in the Visual and Performing Arts and the connections to Maine’s Learning Results for VPA. Participants will be asked to use sample tasks in their classrooms, bring back student work to examine, identify what the teacher and student are doing, and discuss how the VPA assessment strategies impacted student engagement and understanding.

  • Northern Region cohort will meet at The University of Maine, in Orono on October 21st, January 12th, and March 10th.
  • Southern Region cohort will meet at The Maine College of Art, in Portland, on October 22nd, January 13th, and March 9th.

Attend a Webinar! This 4-part webinar series is on assessment and documentation. The four sessions are as follows: Unpacking Assessment: What is Assessment and Why It Matters (September); Selecting your Goals and Standards (November); Identifying Evidence (February); Collecting and Documenting (April).

Become a Think Tank Member! Join this group of Arts Educators who come together to discuss relevant issues impacting arts education and to develop tools and resources to support arts education in Maine Schools.

Summer Conference! June 2017, attend a three-day conference on Assessing for Proficiency in the Visual and Performing Arts Classroom. Sessions include: Designing and Evaluating your SLO; Performance-Based Assessment Tasks; Arts Integrated Teaching Strategies; Formative Assessment Strategies and the Feedback Loop.



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