Georgetown Student Book Published!

Congratulations to Marcella Look and her 3rd grade authors!

We did it! Our wolf narratives are published! You can support Maine’s Runs with Wolves Sanctuary and these amazing 3rd grade authors by buying a book here or you can wait for August 13 and purchase one of the limited 100 copies at the Georgetown Working League Fair for only $10! If we don’t sell out, books will also be available after this event around town🙂

Marcella Look

Here is the link to their book and how to order it.


In Mrs. Look’s Georgetown Central School’s 3rd grade, students explored the questions: “Who is the wolf in fiction?” and “Who is the wolf in fact?” They began by analyzing how the wolf is characterized in traditional stories, folktales, and fables. Then they researched real wolves by reading informational texts. Finally, for their performance task, students had an opportunity to write and illustrate a narrative with a realistic wolf character. The Georgetown Island Education Foundation awarded a grant to Mrs. Look for the students to have a site visit from Chewonki to investigate misconceptions about predators and view live animals. They also funded a portion of the publication fees for this book. 100% of the profit will be donated to Runs with Wolves Sanctuary, a wolf sanctuary we visited in Limington, Maine, where we saw wolves first hand and practiced our wolf sketches.




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2 Responses to Georgetown Student Book Published!

  1. Charlinda M Carlson says:

    Congratulations Marcy & class! This is amazing!!

  2. matthew carlson says:

    Great job third graders! Mrs. Look I am so proud of your class and the great work they did on their book. Well done!

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