Multiple Pathways to the Human Brain

“Multiple Pathways to the Student Brain” registration deadline ends next week!

If you work with students that have economic or motivational challenges (and who doesn’t) … this workshop is for you!  Hear what others are saying about Dr. Janet Zadina, her presentations and her books:

“We want to thank you – THANK YOU for bringing all of the poverty research, strategies and curriculum together into such a lively and informative presentation! We sincerely appreciate your expertise and willingness to partner with us in our efforts to address the teaching and learning needs of children of poverty.”

Dr. Janet Zadina was excellent. Great communicator. Clear message. Very applicable to me as an educator. I could have listened to her all day.

“An outstanding confirmation of the need for student engagement and learner-centered classrooms using brain-based research. It also gives excellent ideas for what I call the “underserved populations” to create stress free “brain friendly” classrooms.”

“Best teacher and parent book ever. Research based practical explicit information. If you are a teacher BUY this book now and organize a book study in your school with other teachers. I LOVE LOVE this book. I have been teaching 27 years.”

“Every teacher should read this book. It provides a good balance between scientific information about how the brain works and practical ideas for how to use this information to inform your teaching. At the beginning of this school year, I taught my students a lot of the brain principles it describes, and those lessons have served as touchstones ever since, i.e. “Remember that we have to ‘fire it until we wire it’!” These lessons created a common understanding in my classroom about how learning happens and enabled the students (and I!) to discuss their successes and challenges more openly, since they correlated their ability to do something with experience and effort, rather than innate skill.”

The workshop offered for pK-5 on June 29 and for 6-12 on June 30 at Cony High School is for staff in all subject areas, administrators, parents, occupational therapists and other medical professionals.

FLYER Multiple Pathways to the Student Brain 2

ms registration

Registration is also available online at


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