Summer Tech PD (2nd Annual)

Summer 2016 Professional Development

Get Inspired and Be Productive

Barbara Greenstone is offering another summer technology series to follow up on last summer’s successful program (check with Chip, Genie, Nick, Michelle, Mame, or Tanya for feedback on their experience).

Who: AOS 98 Teachers, working individually or in teams.  We are encouraging teacher from the surrounding AOS 98 schools to come be part of the fun.

What: Facilitated workshops where teachers work on individual or collaborative projects of their choosing, guided by tech integrators.

Where: BRHS Library and Computer Lab

When: August 1-4, 8:00-12:00 with a follow-up session in the fall (date to be determined by participants)

Why: The most effective professional development is personalized for individual teachers or teaching teams. This PD experience is designed to give teachers opportunities to work individually or in teams on curriculum-related projects to be implemented in the upcoming school year. The facilitated workshop format gives teachers just-in-time technical support and feedback as they are creating their units or projects.

Participants will receive 16 contact hours for attending the institute. We will provide a form where they can log their hours of independent work on the project for additional contact hours. Participants can earn up to 45 hours total.

Project Ideas that can be adapted for content and grade level:

  • Create an iTunesU course – This is a great idea if you are teaching a new course next year and want a digital organizer for content, assignments, resources and discussions.
  • Plan an interdisciplinary project (with a team) – work collaboratively with teachers from other content areas
  • Make your own digital textbook – create digital anthologies with text, images, audio, video, interactive maps, etc.
  • Create video content for a unit. Record your lectures and demonstrations so students can access them outside of class or when they need a review. (Flipped classroom).
  • Design investigations using Vernier or Pasco probes and iPads.
  • Design an inquiry unit using Google Maps and Google Earth
  • Create a class website using Google Sites, WordPress, or other tool
  • Begin a class blog
  • Design a project using iPads for literacy connections (book trailers, story-telling, etc.)
  • Design a unit that incorporates one of the Meridian Stories challenges
  • Learn to create digital graphic organizers, concept maps, and mind maps and incorporate them into existing or new units and lessons.

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