Proficiency Work Standards/Rubrics


  1. Complete any drafting of standards and indicators.
  2. Update the list below by sending me a substitution if you have made changes.
  3. Decide on the following:
      • Number of demonstrations of proficiency required
        • Distribution through out 7-12
        • How many subjects in a content area
      • Number of indicators required to qualify as proficient
        • When is a demonstration good enough?
        • How many indicators must be present in an assessment to qualify as a demonstration of the standard.  (these two could be the same)
  4. Here are the decisions made by the leadership team around these two points for cross curricular standards.

Number of Demonstrations of Proficiency for Cross Curricular Standards

The leadership team has considered several ideas about how often a student must demonstrate proficiency on a reporting (graduation standard) standard.  The initial recommendation is:

  • Cross Curricular Standards (guiding Principles)

7 Demonstrations of Cross Curricular Standards

3- from grades 7-9

4-from grades 10-12

Content Area Standards

The number will be determined by content departments for each content area.

Number of Indicators That Must Be Met Per Standard

A student must receive on 3 on more the 50% of the indicators in a standard and no less than a 2 on any other indicator measured.  This would apply to all graduation (reporting) standards.

Tangentially related to the above is the question of how many indicators must a given assessment address to count as evidence for proficiency?  This may be best answered with an example.

For the Cross Curricular Standard on Problem Solving:

Total of 4 Indicators:  A student must receive a 3 on 3 of these.  Therefore, an assessment must include at least 3 of the 4 indicators to be considered as a valid measure of the graduation standard and the student must receive a 3 on all three indicators.

5. Complete Rubrics for Content area standards

6. Begin to draft assessments for content area standards.


Draft Content Area Standards


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