Materials for MCLA Conference Presentation

Contact Information

Shawn Carlson

Assistant Superintendent, AOS 98

Twitter: @mindsonlearning

Slides MCLA Conference Presentation


Sand Analogy

2 Year Timeline for Benchmarks

Assessment Principles

Principles of assessment practices

Draft Rubrics for Cross Curricular Graduation Standards

Guiding Principles

Rubric Resources1

Standards and Indicator Resources

Current Examples

TED Talk Video

Clear and Effective Communicator Analytic

Clear and Effective (Holistic)

Another example from Smarter Balanced

Informative Rubric (SBAC) Holistic

Assessment Validation

Our Process to date:

Software and Reporting

Use of ATLAS

RICHER Picture

Grading Example


  • Number of demonstrations of proficiency required (how much sand)
    • 7 in Cross-curricular  (4  must come from 10-12)
    • In Content Area: To be determined in Content Area Departments
    • Distribution through out 7-12
      • Cross Curricular (4  must come from 10-12)
    • How many content areas for cross curricular standards
      • 3 or more content areas for cross curricular
    • How many subjects in a content area
      • To be determined by Content Area Departments
  • Number of indicators required to qualify as proficient (what color sand)
    • When is a demonstration good enough?
      • More than 50% a 3 and no less than a 2 on others
    • How many indicators must be present in an assessment to qualify as a demonstration of the standard.  (these two could be the same)
      • Must meet the 50 % threshold of all the indicators
  • Reporting and aggregating the above demonstrations of proficiency
Tying it all together

Parameters of Essential Instruction and Graduation Requirements


Most of the work done in AOS 98 has been collected, documented, and shared in this blog.  You may find materials by searching for keywords such as


Cross Curricular

Each of the links above were found by searching for key words on the home page found here.


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