NGSS Learning Guide

The NGSS EQuIP Professional Learning Facilitator’s Guide is a series of 10 modules that were designed to provide guidance on building the capacity of educators and education leaders to use the EQuIP Rubric for Science. Completing this professional learning will provide science educators and education leaders with the processes and procedures necessary to use the EQuIP Rubric to review science lessons and units, to provide effective feedback and suggestions for improvement to developers and users of these instructional materials, to identify model or exemplar lessons and units, and to inform the development of new instructional materials.


Introduction (Word) (PDF)

Module 1 (Word) (PDF) (PowerPoint)

Module 2 (Word) (PDF) (PowerPoint)

Module 3 (Word) (PDF) (PowerPoint)

Module 4 (Word) (PDF) (PowerPoint)

Module 5 (Word) (PDF) (PowerPoint)

Module 6 (Word) (PDF) (PowerPoint)

Module 7 (Word) (PDF) (PowerPoint)

Module 8 (Word) (PDF) (PowerPoint)

Module 9 (Word) (PDF) (PowerPoint)

Module 10 (Word) (PDF) (PowerPoint)

Modules 1–10 (Word) (PDF) (PowerPoint)


Handout 1 (Word) (PDF)

Handout 2 (Word) (PDF)

Handout 3 (Word) (PDF)

Handout 4 (Word) (PDF)

Handout 5 (Word) (PDF)

Handout 6 (Word) (PDF)

Handout 7 (COMING SOON)

Handout 8 (Word) (PDF)

Handout 9 (Word) (PDF)

Handout 10 (Word) (PDF)

Handout 11 (Word) (PDF)

Facilitator’s Resource — Storyline Cards (Word) (PDF)


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