PBE Leadership Team Agenda (3 June 2015)


  • Check in.  Review of work completed to date.
    • English-Too big a gap of time between first and second opportunities to work on  standards.  Need for more answers about some of the architecture of the system, so that decisions being made now will fit the system.  Will we be counting proficiency at the 7/8 grade level.  Indicators being worked on.
    • PE/Health- Time is the big issue.  Not enough. Condensed meeting times to prevent the loss of continuity.  Indicators/rubrics being worked on.
    • Arts- Need more time.  Some of the difficulties lie in trying to align standards to both performing and visual arts.  What does it mean to be proficient in the arts.   Ready for rubrics.
    • Social Studies-  Also need a bigger sense of the architecture to answer some questions.  How does 7/8 fit into the system.  Ready for rubrics.
    • Science- Found the two dates too far apart to hold onto the continuity.  Working on indicators.
    • Math- Shared google doc with the standards and indicators.  Already beginning the development of rubric.  How are we suppose to develop a rubric without developing an assessment first.  Need some help with this development.
  • Feedback from department work.
    • How do we collect and act on staff feedback on initial rubrics?
      • Provide a time on Wednesdays to facilitate the feedback around each rubric facilitated by team members.
      • Begin this Wednesday.
  • Develop agenda for summer work.
  • Revisit holistic verses analytic rubric discussion.
  • Unresolved issues
    • Repeated standards
    • Middle School Assessment (leveled, benchmarked, same standard?)
  • Review DOE feedback
  • Membership next year

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