Agenda Proficiency Team Mtg 25 March


Time:  1:45-3:00 Location: Upstairs Conference Room

  • Discuss DOE visit scheduled for 26 March
  • Debrief the first rounds of work on Content Area Standards and Indicators
    • Work done
    • Needs
    • Reporting
  • Continue discussion on the following items
    • Reporting issues
      • Number of demonstrations of proficiency required (how much sand)
        • 7 in Cross-curricular  (4  must come from 10-12)
        • In Content Area: To be determined in Content Area Departments
        • Distribution through out 7-12
          • Cross Curricular (4  must come from 10-12)
        • How many content areas for cross curricular standards
          • 3 or more content areas for cross curricular
        • How many subjects in a content area
          • To be determined by Content Area Departments
      • Number of indicators required to qualify as proficient (what color sand)
        • When is a demonstration good enough?
          • More than 50% a 3 and no less than a 2 on others
        • How many indicators must be present in an assessment to qualify as a demonstration of the standard.  (these two could be the same)
          • Must meet the 50 % threshold of all the indicators
      • Reporting and aggregating the above demonstrations of proficiency
  • Set Next meeting time

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