Proficiency Leadership Team Materials: 29 April

This Tuesday we will continue our work on rubrics and standards.

The tentative agenda will look like this:

  1. Review and finalize the rubric for Practical Problem Solving.  Find it here Final Standard: Creative and Practical Problem Solver
      1. Rubric for Rubrics RubricforRubrics
  2. Review and collect feedback on the Clear and Effective Communicator standards and Rubric.  Find the indicators here Clear and Effective example and the Rubric here Clear and Effective communicator rubric
    1. Find an online version of the rubric here that contains more detail if you mouse over the performance description.
    2. Rubric for Rubrics RubricforRubrics
  3. Identify information literacy standards and indicators.
  4. Develop a preliminary rubric for information literacy.

Begin a discussion about Habits of Work and the remaining Guiding Principles.

I will update this post with materials over the next two days, as I didn’t get as much done on this over break as I intended!  See you all tomorrow, same time and place.  Lunch will be served.



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2 Responses to Proficiency Leadership Team Materials: 29 April

  1. Emily Higgins says:

    Here is my list of words: constraints, scope, contextual, implementation, haphazard, explicitly, ambiguity, embedded, appropriateness, impede

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