CSD Wednesday Early Release Schedule May/June

It is hard to believe that we are almost finished.

Attached is the schedule for the last few Wednesdays.  I hope there will be few changes but it is a crazy time of the year.

The following notes may help in interpreting this schedule

  • For grades where it states Level Mtg/Shawn, I would like to meet with teachers to discuss needs for next year, share some of the items that are on the horizon for us in 2014/2015 and otherwise debrief.  I will send an agenda to those grade spans prior to the meeting.
  • NGSS is a preliminary meeting with science teachers 5-12 to begin to plan for our implementation of the new science standards in 2014/2015.  I will send an agenda for this meeting to all concerned prior to the meeting.
  • ATLAS/Tech is an opportunity for staff to meet with Lisa Smith, who has noted that several people are interested in looking at a fluency app.  Those staff who are not interested in the Ms. Smith’s agenda may work on ATLAS.

Hang on the end is near.

Wednesday Schedule is here: Wed SCH May June


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