Proficiency Leadership Team: Home Work for 14 April

We have two tasks to complete before next Monday.

Rubric Development

As we discussed last week, take the performance indicators developed for Creative and Practical Problem Solver and develop, as a team or individually, a rubric that identifies 4 levels of performance.  Send these to me by the weekend, so I can post for all of us to review on Monday April 14.

You can find our draft language for the performance indicators here (Creative and Practical Problem Solver)

You can find some resources on rubric creation here (Rubric Resources)

Reading on Integrated and Informed Thinker

The next standard we will tackle from the Guiding Principles is on integrated and informed thinking.  As you will see when you review the language, some of this standard refers to curricular and instructional decisions (the integrated thinker part) and part refers to informational literacy.

Below are some resources on informational literacy.  Please review these with an eye to developing performance indicators on informational literacy for this portion of the Guiding principle, as we did with creative and practical problem solver.

Integrated and Informed Thinker

Standards Integrative and Informed Thinker



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