Proficiency Leadership Team: Materials for Thursday

My hope is that we can look at two of the Guiding Principles (Problem Solving and Integrated Thinking) this week.  The goal would be to articulate our performance indicators for each so that we can begin to develop our rubrics.

I have also shared, via email, slink to a web-based brainstorming application.  Please create an account (free) and we will experiment with it as we discuss both Guiding Principles.

Finally, we will use the following process to come to agreement on our definitions for each Guiding Principle and set of Performance Indicators. Cross Curricular Standards Process

I will use the work done by Jo, Barbara and I on Clear and Effective Communicator as an example of what we are trying to accomplish.  We will tackle this Principle in our next meeting if after review, the group feels we need to revise.

See you Thursday.

Introductory Materials

Problem Solving Materials

Standards Problem Solving Standard


Other Resources

Rubric Resources

Integrated and Informed Thinker

Standards Integrative and Informed Thinker



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