Technology Plan (2014-2017)

This seems like a good time to update all staff on the ongoing work of the AOS technology planning committee.  Work has been completed on several sections and can be found here.

Please review the vision and goal statements located on the Wiki.  Feel free to post comments on the Wiki or send them to me directly.  We are currently working on identifying the standards that should inform our assessment of student work when working in the digital landscape.  Both the standards and rubrics to assess these will be one of the products of the next technology plan.

Finally, our next meeting is this Thursday and anyone is welcome to attend.  We meet in the BRHS Library at 2:45 pm.


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1 Response to Technology Plan (2014-2017)

  1. joyce sirois says:

    Looking at the critical/creative thinking rubrics I found them to be very precise and useful
    Others were also but these were particularly complete

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