Educator Effectiveness Committee

The Educator Effectiveness Committee met for the first time on February 10,2014.  Members representing our teachers and administrators from our schools in AOS 98 came together to begin to develop the Educator Effectiveness tool that will be used to evaluate teachers and Principals.

Members of the Committee are Sandy Wheeler, Sue Frisco, Tanya Thibault, Nancy Rose, Meagan Fuller, Joyce Sirois, Mark Gorey, Liz Reed, Eileen King, Brandon Ward and Matt Carlson.The first meeting was very productive.  Much time was spent discussing the statute, it’s requirements and to determine our next steps.  The information that was shared is also organized as a unit in our Atlas curriculum mapping program so that all staff can log on to see what this committee is focusing on.

In order to log on to Atlas to find this information, please follow the directions listed below.

  • After logging in put your mouse cursor over the ‘Browse’ tab at the top of the Atlas browser.
  • From the drop down menu, click on ‘Unit Calendars’
  • On the new page, on the left side, find the search box ‘Type a Teacher Name’. It will be the sixth one down, and will be grayed out.
  • Type in the last name ‘ward’ and from the two options that drop down, click on ‘Ward, Brandon’
  • Click the blue ‘Browse’ button below the search boxes
  • The possible courses will appear on the right hand side of the screen, click the course name ‘Professional Evaluation & Growth System’

I have included in this post the document that was reviewed by the committee last night.  Our goal it to make all information we review available for all staff to view if interested.

The next three scheduled meetings will take place on March 5 at the BRHS library, March 19 and April 2.  All meetings will start at 3 pm and the location will be determined for the March 19 and April 2 meeting.

Educator Effectiveness Committee

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