Great Books Program

The midcoast curriculum coordinators are investigating the following.  If you are interested in this program, please let me know.  The goal would be to find enough teachers in the midcoast to attend so that a local site would be used for the training.

From Christine Anderson-Morehouse (Midcoast Professional Development Coordinator)


Please let me know if you have any interest in exploring this one-day (plus 4 hour online follow-up) program further.  If we had a combined “critical mass” of interested participants, they would bring this workshop here to our region.  I don’t know how they organize a workshop across grade clusters K-12  but I can explore that if any of you are interested in the program for any particular grade cluster.

GREAT BOOKS FOUNDATION seeks to offer a one-day training session for 15-30 teachers /curriculum leaders using their T-110 “blended” SHARED INQUIRY MODEL (Scroll down for more about the model)

This ten-hour introductory course prepares you to begin using the Shared Inquiry™ method of learning through reading and discussion of outstanding literature. The first six hours of the course will be taught face-to-face to a group of teachers in a central location. The remainder of the course will be offered online in four self-scheduled one-hour sessions, with some required classroom activities. Participants will receive a free set of Starting Off Strong classroom materials ($59.95 value) for the classroom activities. Those who complete the first day of the course and all four online lessons will be eligible for a Certificate of Completion. Continuing education credit is available.


SHARED INQUIRY  is a method of learning characterized by high-quality literature, a leader’s consistent use of open-ended questions, and a strong focus on interpretation.  Great Books discussion leaders learn how to ask probing questions that let students respond with their own ideas, supported with evidence from the text.

Shared Inquiry™ is a discussion method, a teaching and learning environment, and a way for individuals to achieve a more thorough understanding of a text by discussing questions, responses, and insights with fellow readers.

Shared Inquiry combines a sound theoretical base with proven strategies to engage all readers in higher-order thinking and collaborative problem solving. In Shared Inquiry, participants come together to help each other explore the meaning of a work of literature. Each participant brings a unique perspective that influences how he or she understands the work. Sharing their interpretations, participants gain new insights and deepen or even change their initial understanding. Learn more…


Below are 3 fliers about this Great Books program.
Alignment with Common Core Common Core Standards Based
Example at 3rd Grade Series3_Correlation_Booklet

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3 Responses to Great Books Program

  1. Would this be funded by the district? How would the course work if the participants are widely spread over the K-12 spectrum? I would be very interested in exploring this opportunity further if I was sure it was being done with a cohort of high school English and/or History teachers. The chance to work with colleagues from other area schools on this program is very intriguing. Thanks.

  2. shawncarlson says:

    Hi Skip,
    My hope would be that we could find PD money for those participating. I can’t say what the mix of educators will be. It is being organized across the midcoast region and is open to multiple grade levels, though I would bet that most are going to be from the humanities. I will keep you in the loop if things come together.

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