Getting to Proficiency: Post 5 Implementation Steps

In reviewing peoples concerns, time and the scope of the task was mentioned by several.

Just a quick post to give everyone the big picture of steps in front of us.  Look this over and then I will reiterate what I think we need to complete this spring below. Click on the image to see it full size.

PBL Steps

We are working on the steps listed under practice.  We have not established a school wide committee, choosing to work with the entire staff at this point.  This may be a step we take later, but I am sure that many feel it would be hard to serve at this point.

Currently I see us working on the third dark blue box under practice and in the first light blue box below it.

  • Collaboratively develop the conceptual framework with faculty and staff.
  • Engage faculty and staff in professional development on proficiency-based learning.

We are going to complete the following steps over the next month or so.

  • Engage faculty in professional development on assessment literacy
  • Develop cross-curricular graduation standards
  • Develop performance indicators for cross-curricular graduation standards
  • Develop body-of-evidence assessment process for demonstration of cross-curricular graduation standards.

Depending upon on our waiver status for next fall our next steps are still in the works.  Next week Mr. Welch is going to work to come to consensus on some principles of assessment to guide some of the steps listed above.  He is also going to poll the group on the use of the first two Wednesdays in February.  Consider whether you would like to keep working on these steps or stick to the Agenda shared for Wednesday early release.

As you can see there are other steps we must take as a district but completing some of these first steps is required before we can work on Policy or Community Engagement.

Keep asking good questions.


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