Grade 7-12 Feedback for Jan 22

Thank you to everyone who participated today and for working seriously.  I am sure that some of you would like to be told “do this”.  I have also heard many times in my career, not just here, that we as teachers sometimes feel that we don’t have meaningful input.  I hope you can see that I am trying to honor that need.  There are no simple answers, no quick fixes (at least fixes that would have benefit), and the work challenges some of our long held beliefs about the nature of schooling.

I recently heard the Gorham Superintendent say  “we are in transformational times.  Education is undergoing tremendous change and we can choose to be inspired or incensed.”  There is some truth to this statement and I am choosing to be inspired.

If you participated today and you would like to send me some feedback, please fill out the following;


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1 Response to Grade 7-12 Feedback for Jan 22

  1. joyce sirois says:

    As a member of the NEASC Instruction committee I am collating faculty’s responses concerning the use of various teaching methods. ( 12 listed )With 85% response already I am blown away with the number of instructional methods offered to students in all classes. I see our task as making sure we have rubrics to inform our formative and summative assessments as the work on instructional differentiation is done.

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