Early Release Wednesday 22 Jan Grades 7-12


We will continue with our work this Wednesday.   The tasks and protocol can be found at the bottom of this post.  Before sharing this Wednesday’s work, I want to review the bigger picture.

I hope for us to complete the following before February break (this may mean we need to use the last two Wednesdays before break, currently scheduled for NEASC (high school) and Technology (Middle school)):

  • Explore and adopt a set of beliefs about assessment as it specifically applies to Proficiency Based Graduation (PBG) Standards.
  • Explore various perspectives on proficiency.
  • Adopt a vision for proficiency based graduation for the Boothbay schools
  • Explore assessment methods for proficiency based standards.
  • Explore and articulate a comprehensive assessment system that includes PBG as a component.
  • Explore grading methods for proficiency based assessments.

We have begun the first bullet and will begin the second bullet on the 22 of January.  We will adopt our principles of assessment and articulate a vision of proficiency based graduation shortly, but for know I believe we have some other understandings to explore.  If everything went like clockwork I would anticipate having drafts of both of these items for discussion after we return from Feb. break.


  • January 22- Visions and descriptions of proficiency
  • January 29- Revisit the requirements of the Law, share an initial vision of PBL and graduation for Boothbay Schools
  • Assessment methods and assessment systems.
  • Grading Methods
  • Adopting our beliefs and vision

The last three bullets will occur in our next opportunities together.  We will decide as a group on Jan 29 whether this will happen before Feb. break or after.

Wednesday Jan 22 Work and Agenda

This Wednesday we will explore various perspectives on proficiency (mastery as it is described in these articles).  We will use a Jigsaw protocol to share the four articles.  Find the protocol here (Team Jigsaw).  I am asking that you each read the article assigned to you below before Wednesday.  We will meet first by assigned article to discuss and identify the most important issues contained in the article.  We will then create groups of four to share the articles read with other staff.

Please come to the meeting having read the assigned article.  I would encourage you to look over the protocol before reading so you know what to attend to in the reading.

Article Assignments

  1. In Search of a Useful Definition of Mastery- (Find it here In SEarch of a useful definition of mastery) : Mame Anthony, Kristin Smith, Jennifer Burns, Karen Cronk, Tanya Hammond, Skip L’Heureux, IJ Pinkham, Joyce Sirois, Brandon Ward.
  2. 5 Musts for Mastery- (Find it here FIve Musts for Mastery) : Cory Chase, Elizabeth Tilton, Mike Cherry, Bryan Dionne, Lauren Graham, Manon Lewis, Taras, Schkrioba, Linda Strout, Jane Stevens.
  3. How Good is Good Enough-  (Find it here How good is good enough ) : Meredith Duke, Sandy Wheeler, Karol Clark, Mark Gorey, Sherrie Hersom, Carol McKenna, Chip Schwehm, Dan Welch.
  4. A Day in the Life of a Mastery-centered Classroom- (Find it here A day in a mastery-centered classroom): Diane Reed, Matt Brewer, Allan Crocker, Nathalie Gorey, Emily Higgins, Mary Miller, Desiree Scorcia, Mark Tess.

PROTOCOL (Team Jigsaw)

See you Wednesday.


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