Getting to Proficiency: Post 1

CSD 3 Grades 7-12

I hesitate to use the State’s title for their website providing information on the new legislation around Proficiency Based Graduation.   However, the title captures multiple meanings that I believe apply to our work on this standards based reform effort.  It is my intention to provide 4 consecutive early release Wednesdays in January to discussing and framing this work.  Our work and the resources we will be working from will be provided here in this blog.

This work is not easy and prior to each Wednesday, I will share materials (readings) that we all must reflect upon, prior to meeting to make the effort meaningful.   The first is an article that I shared via email with the high school last month.  If you missed it then, please review it now.  The article can be found here.  This article gives, as I noted before, a balanced description of the rationale for proficiency based education and some explanation of the pros and cons from differing perspectives.

We will be using protocols to hold these discussions and I will share the protocol prior to each meeting.  I believe this is important to honor our time, provide structure, and maintain focus.  Many of us have been trained in the Professional Learning Communities model and I believe it is time to put that training to use.

Here is the tentative schedule (this may change based on feedback, needs or developing understanding).

  • January 8th- Grading; Practices, Purpose, Audience.
  • January 15th- Assessment; Practices, Purpose, Types.
  • January 22th- Learning Targets and Cross Curricular Graduation Standards; Why less may be more.  A discussion about where we should be heading.
  • January 29th- Building a standards aligned assessment system.

Each weekend before these Wednesdays, I will post the information for the Early Release day.  The goal of this work is to provide an opportunity to develop a shared understanding of what the development of a proficiency based sets of standards, assessments, and reporting structures entails.  Prior to jumping into the deep-end of the pool, I hope we can all agree where we are swimming.

I look forward to working with everyone after the break, but till then please read the article shared above.


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1 Response to Getting to Proficiency: Post 1

  1. Carissa Veit says:

    I was directed to your blog from GSP! I hope your early release day went well yesterday. I look forward to future posts!

    Carissa Veit (RSU 13)

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