k-12 CCSS Mathematics Resources

One distinct advantage of the adoption of the Common Core across multiple states and school districts is the availability of materials that are aligned to our own standards and instructional outcomes.  Below I am sharing a few others for your work in aligning mathematics curriculum to the Common Core.

Find previous posts on Common Core Mathematics resources here and here.

Children First Network

The Children First Network is a NYC organization producing Common Core aligned materials for the schools of NYC.  The materials cover a variety of topics.  You can find a link here.

One of the resources provided are Curriculum Maps aligned to the common core in Mathematics for grades K-8.  These maps use the Understanding by Design format we are using in AOS 98.  In many cases they are fully developed with links to multiple resources for the units (the primary text used is Everyday Math) that include links to multiple websites, assessments, and instructional tasks.  Below are links to the units organized by grade level.


First Grade

Second Grade

Grade K Unit 1 Grade 1 Unit 1 Grade 2 Unit 1
Grade K Unit 2 Grade 1 Unit 2 Grade 2 Unit 2
Grade K Unit 3 Grade 1 Unit 3 Grade 2 Unit 3
Grade K Unit 4 Grade 1 Unit 4 Grade 2 Unit 4
Grade K Unit 5 Grade 1 Unit 5 Grade 2 Unit 5
Grade K Unit 6 Grade 2 Unit 6
Third Grade Fourth Grade Fifth Grade
Grade 3 Unit 1 Grade 4 Unit 1 Grade 5 Unit 1
Grade 3 Unit 2 Grade 4 Unit 2 Grade 5 Unit 2
Grade 3 Unit 3 Grade 4 Unit 3 Grade 5 Unit 3
Grade 3 Unit 4 Grade 4 Unit 4 Grade 5 Unit 4
Grade 3 Unit 5 Grade 4 Unit 5 Grade 5 Unit 5
Grade 3 Unit 6 Grade 4 unit 6 Grade 5 Unit 6
Grade 3 Unit 7
Sixth Grade Seventh Grade

Eighth Grade

Grade 6 Unit 1 Grade 7 Unit 1 Grade 8 Unit 1
Grade 6 Unit 2 Grade 7 Unit 2 Grade 8 Unit 2

North Carolina’s Instructional Support Tools

Below you will find unpacked standards’ documents to support teachers in their understanding of the Common Core. The unpacking documents demonstrate at a granular level the knowledge and skills students are expected to master at a particular grade.  These can be effective tools in understanding the intent of the Common Core Mathematics Standards at each grade level.

High School


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