CCSS Mathematics: Achieve the Core

Achieve the Core is a non profit organization that has begun to build out a large number of resources for teachers.

From their Website: Student Achievement Partners was founded by David Coleman, Susan Pimentel and Jason Zimba, lead writers of the Common Core State Standards. We are a non-profit organization with one purpose: to help all students and teachers see their hard work lead to greater student achievement.

Student Achievement Partners reserves no right to intellectual property

Our goal is to create and disseminate high quality materials as widely as possible. All resources that Student Achievement Partners creates are open source and available at no cost. We encourage states, districts, schools, and teachers to take our resources and make them their own.

Student Achievement Partners does not compete for federal, state or district contracts

Ensuring that states and districts have excellent materials for teachers and students is a top priority. We do not compete for these contracts because we work with our partners to develop high quality RFPs that support the Common Core State Standards.

Student Achievement Partners does not accept money from publishers

We work with states and districts to obtain the best materials for teachers and students. We are able to independently advise our partners because we have no financial interests with any publisher of educational materials. Student Achievement Partners’ independence is essential to our work.

As noted on their front page they state “steal these tools”.  If you haven’t visited this site yet, I would encourage you to explore the resources.   Over the next few posts I will share some examples of what is available.

Mathematical Focus by Grade Level k-8

A collection of PDF’s detailing the mathematical content emphasized in the Standards by grade level. These can be used as guides to inform instructional decisions regarding time and other resources.

They can also be used in reviewing mathematics units in ATLAS over the course of  a year and over grade spans.  As we build out more units in our mathematics curriculum, we can begin to look for gaps and redundancies in our mathematics curriculum.  The standards are keyed by cluster in the following manner;

  1. Major Cluster– It is recommended that from 65-85% of class time be spent on the standards in these clusters.
  2. Supporting Clusters It is recommended that from 15%-30% of class time be spent on the standards in these clusters.
  3. Additional Clusters These should be addressed as time allows. 

Find much more by visiting Achieve the Core.


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