CSD Fall Early Release Schedules

Below are copies of Early Release Schedules for CSD 3.

K-2 Fall Schedule

3-4 Fall Schedule

5-6 Fall Schedule

7-8 Fall Schedule

9-12 Fall Schedule

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2 Responses to CSD Fall Early Release Schedules

  1. Along with the partners on my wing, we have voiced numerous times how the current early release days make for watered down accomplishments, rather than having in- depth discussions with several months at a time to address specific goals. Nothing seems to get done in depth when it is only addresed on a once a month basis. I welcome you to come to our wing to have a discussion in regards to this continuing shallow depth of end-product goals.

  2. shawncarlson says:

    Thanks Kathy, I would be happy to sit down with you, please email me with a couple of possible times.

    I agree that a rotating schedule could make your work disjointed. We certainly do not want the structure of our professional time to contribute to the shallow depth of your end-product goals. I could see a structure where we focused on curriculum mapping for a couple months, then technology integration, literacy, perhaps numeracy, etc. and would be happy to work on such a plan. Because a change impacts not just your expressed needs but other grade spans, the high school and the people providing some of the professional development, we might want to take the pulse of the entire CSD to be sure that this model balances the other needs expressed by staff. Maybe after we talk, I could poll the staff about an alternate model of sustained time for curriculum mapping, technology integration, literacy and grade span meetings? Let me know if and when you would like to sit down to brain storm some other structures.

    Have a good Friday!

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