MLTI PD for all Teachers

MLTI 2013 Summer Institute

Bowdoin College, Brunswick ME
July 23 – 25, 2013

Below will be a list of cohorts available at the 2013 Summer Institute. Each cohort will run three days and will be limited to 15 participants (unless otherwise specified). When registering you’ll be asked which cohort you wish to participate in, so please review our list below and pick the one you feel best suits your needs (please note most cohorts are cross platform).

Can’t dedicate the 3 days? Check out the details of our concurrent PD sessions – come for a few hours, a day or even two days!

Leveraging the Next Gen Science Standards with Tech
Presenter: Phil Brookhouse
How can science teachers design content, lesson plans, and integrate technology while preparing for the Next Gen Science Standards? How different from MLR are they? How much do our classrooms have to change? During these three days, we will look at Framework, NGSS and our curricula, and work on how to adapt them to get ready for NGSS implementation after this year. Bring your materials, lesson plans and whatever MLTI device you might have and we’ll make sure you leave with a better handle on what and how you’ll be doing science in your next year’s classroom.
Target Audience: MLTI Educators, cross platform

Increasing Student Engagement with CCSS Mathematics using GeoGebra
Presenter: Peter Tierney-Fife
This cohort will focus on use of the multi-platform Open Education Resource GeoGebra to explore, create, and share lessons designed to increase access and engagement with Common Core Mathematics Standards for middle and high school students. Participants will experience and discuss example student activities incorporating the GeoGebra application and applets created using GeoGebra, as well as learn technical skills with GeoGebra. Topics will include: integrating technology in your instruction in ways that engage students in the CCSS Standards for Mathematical Practice; training using the GeoGebra application; finding and modifying existing applets; creating your own applets; hosting your applets on GeoGebraTube (and tips for making them tablet-friendly); and using GeoGebra on tablets. The session will promote collaboration among participants and workshop leaders. Participants at all levels of experience with GeoGebra and with all MLTI devices are welcome!
Target Audience: MLTI Educators, cross platform

Once upon a time in a digital world
Presenter: David Patterson
Everyone loves a good story, and stories are told and heard, written and read, in every classroom, every day, as we strive to help our students understand the world. Traditionally students have learned to tell their stories in written language, but now we have authoring tools that allow them to create digital narratives that combine text and sound with still and moving images in amazingly creative ways. Using the production tools on MLTI devices, students can create digital stories that can deepen their understanding of a subject, and develop their skills in visual literacy. We will discuss how to plan and develop digital storytelling projects, and we will examine the factors that contribute to a successful, high-quality project. Teachers from all grade levels and all content areas can learn to leverage the exciting possibilities for incorporating digital storytelling into the classroom. Bring a digital camera with you, though if you don’t have one, there will be some available to borrow.
Target Audience: MLTI Educators, cross platform

Telling Local Stories 
Presenter: Jim Wells
When students discover what makes a local community a “community”, a sense of belonging is created, links with local partners are created and an understanding of how society operates is made. This cohort will look at ways in which the local community is a huge resource for learning, and ways in which digital tools can enhance and empower students as they uncover local history, develop a knowledge of local economies and create their own community stories. We will embark on fieldwork projects and explorations, coach each other in digital media creation, and put together a framework for cross-curricular local studies.
Target Audience: MLTI Educators, cross platform

Assembling the Puzzle: Five Tech Pieces for Education
Presenter: Ruben R. Puentedura, Ph.D.
To achieve transformative results in one-to-one technology initiatives, a basic office suite will not suffice. Based upon a decade of research from the Horizon Project, we can identify five software categories that must be available to students and teachers for top-tier outcomes to result. In this series of sessions, we will examine these five categories – social software, mobile resources, simulation and visualization tools, digital storytelling, and educational gaming – and learn how to use them productively across all subject areas. We will see how to integrate them into SAMR- and TPCK-informed instructional designs that instantiate key 21C literacies, and fold formative assessment into their structure. Applications will be stressed throughout, with working demos and exemplars.
Target Audience: MLTI Educators, cross platform

Digital Access 
Presenter: Sherry Dolloff
Digital Access is defined as “full electronic participation in society.” In School Libraries and School Library Commons, what does this look like as we acquire digital library resources for our staff and students while in compliance with Copyright Laws. In this 3-day cohort, we will hear from several gurus who offer and use various digital media in schools. Discovery Education, Follett, Barnes and Noble, Netflix, Amazon Whispercast, and Overdrive (used in Maine InfoNet Download) are just a few of the companies who offer educational content digitally. Participants will gain insight to make informed decisions to take back to their schools. BYOD (bring your own device)
Target Audience: MLTI Librarians and staff who purchase content for schools, cross platform


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